Way You’re Doing Your Laundry Wrong

It’s 2017. We have self-driving cars, fridges that play music, and hamburger buns made out of mac and cheese. So how is it that a lot of us are still not able to do laundry the right way. It only… Continue Reading →

How to Get Rid of Gross Fridge Smells

Have you ever gone to get something out of your fridge and been hit with a rancid odor the second you open the door? It’s disgusting, right? While there are plenty of reasons your fridge could come to smell so… Continue Reading →

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Make Appliance Repairs

Summer is the perfect time to do a lot of things — go on vacation, learn a new skill, get a nice tan, etc. Do you know what else it’s the perfect time for? Appliance repairs. While this may not… Continue Reading →

Troubleshooting Your Microwave

Think of all the foods you make and heat up in your microwave. Now imagine life without that microwave — no quickly heating up leftovers; no making those Pinterest mug recipes; no Easy Mac. If your microwave isn’t working, then… Continue Reading →

The Rules of Summer Cooking

Summer is a time to let loose, be carefree, and try new things. But even though the weather is screaming “free for all,” that doesn’t mean you should abandon all rules. When it comes to food, these are the rules… Continue Reading →

Testimonials from Our Customers

We always tell you that you can trust us with your appliance repair needs, and you definitely can. But don’t just take our word for it! Hear what some of our customers have said about their experiences with Flamingo Appliance… Continue Reading →

Tips for Your Fourth of July Barbecue

This Fourth of July you might head to a parade, take the boat out on the water, or simply relax at home. The thing you’re definitely doing though — barbecuing. Fourth of July and barbecues going together like patriotism and… Continue Reading →

Why Is My Oven Smoking?

It’s usually a little unsettling to be cooking in your kitchen and notice there’s suddenly smoke coming from your oven. Now, we have faith that you’re a good cook, so that smoke definitely isn’t a result of burning food. But… Continue Reading →

Things You Need to Know About Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher pulls a lot of weight around your kitchen. It helps you get dishes clean faster and allows you to keep your kitchen looking tidier since you won’t have a sink full of dirty plates. With all that it… Continue Reading →

How to Maintain Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

Your washing machine is one of the most important appliances in your home. Without it, you’d be stuck hand washing your clothes every week, and that could take a big chunk of time out of your day. If you want… Continue Reading →

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