How to Sort Different Types of Laundry

We all have a favorite piece of clothing — a super soft sweatshirt, a crispy, white blouse, a perfectly-worn pair of jeans. So wouldn’t it be a shame if that article of clothing got ruined in the wash? That’s the… Continue Reading →

How Do I Get Rid of Bad Dishwasher Smells?

Don’t you just love when you open up your dishwasher and the smell of last week’s salmon smacks you in the face? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Gross smells can embed themselves into your dishes, so it’s important to get… Continue Reading →

How You’re Ruining Your Cookware

Think of how often you use nonstick pans in your kitchen. It’s probably every day. Thing is, you’d be surprised at how wrong you’re using them. There are few things you probably do quite often that only result in your… Continue Reading →

How to Stock Your Wine Cooler

Do you have a wine cooler sitting in your home, minus the wine itself? That could be because you don’t know what exactly to put in there (or because you drank all the wine you had — we don’t judge)…. Continue Reading →

Kitchen Appliances You Don’t Need

When you move into your first apartment or house, you probably go a little overboard and stock your kitchen with all kinds of things you think are necessary. Later on, you realize all those items are just taking up space… Continue Reading →

Why Is My Fridge Freezing Food?

Have you ever opened your fridge to find that your produce, milk, even your eggs, are frozen? Sure, you could wait for your food to thaw to eat it or cook with it, but the flavor will probably be different…. Continue Reading →

Why Do My Clothes Smell Dirty After I Wash Them?

Don’t you just hate when you take your clothes out of the dryer, take a whiff, and realize they smell awful? It doesn’t make sense that clothes that were just cleaned still have a funky smell. But, there are actually… Continue Reading →

Can I Put This in the Microwave?

Have you ever put something in your microwave and turned around three seconds later to see sparks going off? Well trust us, you’re not alone. There are plenty of people who have had good intentions of heating a few things… Continue Reading →

Childproofing Your Kitchen

Hey, parents — we feel for you. We know it’s hectic enough having a new baby home, but once that little one starts walking and learns how to reach and grab things, that stress is taken to a whole new… Continue Reading →

What Can and Can’t I Put in the Garbage Disposal?

Have you ever heard a garbage disposal jam? It’s not a fun sound. Besides dealing with that, you’re stuck without an easy way to dispose of food scraps. An easy way to avoid a broken disposal is by keeping certain… Continue Reading →

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