Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know About

FLAMINGO APPLIANCE SERVICE: EXPERTS FOR YOUR APPLIANCE FIX Flamingo Appliance Service is located in South Florida and has been around a very long time with 100 years experience fixing appliances. We have ninety-one technicians who are expertly trained and have… Continue Reading →

Your Washer’s Lint Trap Needs Attention Too

Washing Machines Require General Upkeep You know the routine; you take your clothes out of the dryer and you empty the lint trap. Why do you do this? To prevent a buildup that may damage the dryer or even cause… Continue Reading →

Garage Freezer and Refrigerator Tips During Summer

Many people do not know that when a refrigerator is placed in a garage, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. Flamingo Appliance Service warns that many people typically do not focus on manufacturer recommendations… Continue Reading →

Places Where You Can Leave Us Feedback

We here at Flamingo Appliance Service pride ourselves on our service. We are a South Florida based company servicing all major appliances both in the west and east coast. We currently employ 91 technicians and run an average of 6,000… Continue Reading →

Not So Favorable Home Appliances

We regularly work with your kitchen appliances, but over the years, there have been some crazy silly appliances released onto the market. Here are some of our favorite ones.   Vertical Bacon Cooker As great as an idea this may… Continue Reading →

Summer Grilling Tips

Summer Grilling Tips Summer is here and it is likely that one item on your summer bucket list is to have a cookout with friends and family. Today we will share a few tips to make your cookout a fun… Continue Reading →

Refrigerator Efficiency Tips

4 Refrigerator Efficiency Tips That Will Help You Ensure Your Fridge Is Working Properly Refrigerators are a necessity for living in the world today. There are many different models out there on the market with many of them being energy… Continue Reading →

Ways to Reuse Lonely Socks

The Mystery It’s a mystery how socks go missing. Something tells us to keep the lonely mate in hopes the other will reappear one day. Everyone suffers from the Single Sock Syndrome. The first step to the cure is to… Continue Reading →

Top Tips To Up Your Dishwasher’s Performance

A dishwasher is a very useful tool for homeowners. Putting all your dirty dishes inside of a machine and having it wash them for you is much easier than washing each individual dish. On top of that, dishwashers reduce water… Continue Reading →

Do You Utilize The Work Triangle?

The kitchen work triangle is a unique design that has been around since the 1940s. This triangle is supposed to help people to be able to cook better and entertain better. The stove, sink, and refrigerator are each placed at… Continue Reading →

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