The Dirtiest Things in Your Kitchen

Isn’t it funny to think that, for all the time you spend cleaning your home, there are still things that you leave dirty? And we’re not talking about some missed dust bunnies in the corner — we’re talking about the… Continue Reading →

How to Unshrink Clothing

One of the most heartbreaking things in the world is accidentally shrinking your favorite sweater after putting it in the dryer. It’s even worse when it’s jeans because we all know that those are hard enough to get into, to… Continue Reading →

Things You Aren’t Replacing But Should Be

Let’s face it — a lot of us hold onto things a lot longer than we should — college t-shirts that no longer fit, recliner chairs that have a permanent imprint from how often you sit in them, and the… Continue Reading →

Foods That Shouldn’t Go In Your Fridge

When you come home from the supermarket, how often do you empty your grocery bags and toss everything into your fridge so you can quickly move onto your next chore for the day? You’re definitely not the only one who… Continue Reading →

Halloween Treats That Will Make You the Best House on the Block

When it comes to Halloween treats, it’s pretty hard to stand out when you give out the same store-bought candy that everyone else on the block is giving out. If you’re really looking to wow your trick or treaters, try… Continue Reading →

How to Remove Sweat Stains

Isn’t it heartbreaking when you sweat through your favorite shirt and then can’t get rid of the stains? No one wants to lift up their arms and show the world yellow pit stains, so do yourself a favor, and use… Continue Reading →

Uses for Dryer Sheets Besides Laundry

There’s not a person in this world doesn’t appreciate the good life hack. Plus, it’s always fun to find out that you can use ordinary household items for way more than you thought they were originally for. Well, you’re in… Continue Reading →

Must-Have Football Sunday Foods

It’s the best time of the year — football season. Between cheering on your favorite NFL teams on Sundays and rooting for the college future-draft-picks on Saturdays, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of get-together’s with your buddies over the next… Continue Reading →

How to Clean Your Refrigerator Gasket

When we say “refrigerator” the only thing that probably pops into your head is food — which is completely fine and understandable. But after that, you should really start thinking about the parts that make up your fridge — including… Continue Reading →

How to Use Your Freezer for Non-Food Items

We’ve given you plenty of advice as to how to stock your freezer with yummy foods and how to keep it clean, but did you know you can use your freezer for non-food items? Yeah, we know — very cool!… Continue Reading →

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